Small Business​ Saturday

Hey Everyone!

My first blog post is going to focus on the stores I explored at the Mall of America for Small Business Saturday. There is a new, up-and-coming store called Raas Local Market that is only going to stay until the end of February when the Superbowl festivities conclude. Raas features small businesses from all over the state of Minnesota including Gourmet Cotton Candy, Unique Clothing Brands and other handcrafted goods. There were two stores that I’m going to highlight which are Spinning Wylde and Great Lakes Northern Outfitters. Spinning Wylde is an organic, gourmet Cotton Candy Company. Their cotton candy literally melts in your mouth and comes in a wide range of flavors including, Cherry Lemonade, Chai Tea Latte, and Chocolate Mint. In addition to their amazing Cotton Candy they also have an adorable photo booth that allows customers to get pictures with your masterly crafted cotton candy creation, with a photo strip to take home. The other store, Great Lakes Northern Outfitters is a clothing company that creates cute designs with a Midwestern twist. They have a stylish sweatshirts, hats, mugs and tee shirts. The brand was created by two Minnesotans who created a brand together that labels their clothing with the slogan “Great Lakes.” Another great perk of both these companies is they gave out free laptop stickers! I would highly recommend checking out both of these company as well as the rest of Raas Local Market.

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