Stressed for Finals?

Hi everyone!
As finals are creeping in like the nightmare before Christmas I just wanted to give some of my study tips and tricks for all the students stressing. I have 5 things that can really help a stressed student in this hard part of the semester. These are things I think are really helpful and can really relieve some anxiety about finals that are looming over everyone.

  1. I think its super helpful to study the subjects you hate the most or are struggling the most with first. Even though this is a challenge to actually commit to it will help you somewhat want to study for finals if your least favorite subjects are out of the way.
  2. Try to give yourself some incentive to study. Like after 1 hour of hardcore studying without any distractions (including phones) I will watch a Youtube video, have a cookie or whatever that motivation is for you. I’ve seen on twitter that some people put candy at the start of each chapter they are trying to read and when they get there they get to eat the candy. This is really based on your personals preferences.
  3. Get Exercise. I find that when I don’t do anything all day and just try to cram a semester worth of information in it does not work very well. If you get your blood pumping at least a couple times a day it will help you focus and use your time more productively. This will also help you get out of your study space and nail the final.
  4. Plan out your time! I know we’ve all heard this a million times but if you get a template from Google or even just a to-do list with time estimates for every subject it can really help you use your time productively. Block in everything though from snack breaks to meal times to anything you might do throughout the day to keep you on track for a great day.
  5. My final tip is to cater to your own learning style. If you are a very visual learner like myself, make flashcards, highlight key terms in bright colors and do things that work for you. If you are an auditory learner maybe record yourself reading the study guide and listen to it. If you are a kinesthetic learner you could walk around and study. The real key here is finding tactics specifically targeted at you.

The most important thing is to take care of yourself first, happy studying and good luck on those final exams!!

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