Simple and Easy ways to Organize

Hi everyone!

Hope you’ve had a great first week of 2018. It is still so crazy that it has already been a week into this new year. I am so excited! Today I’m gonna talk a little bit about how I stay organized and how I manage a busy schedule.

Organization is so so important to me. I have to have an organized room and desk before I fall asleep every night and without a clean space, I think my mind would even be more cluttered than it already is. One way I stay organized in my room is using drawer organizers/ baskets. In my closet, I hang the things that need to be and have everything else in baskets. This is the same with my bathroom, every facial product, makeup product, etc. has to be in a container. By using this method even if you don’t have time to fully put something away you can throw it in the bucket and it’s close enough that you can find it and put it away later. Another way I keep my life organized is through using a planner. I have a paper planner from Target that I use for everything. I do have dates and events on my digital calendar but especially for to-do lists and school assignments, I think it is so helpful to have a planner. Nowadays, there are so many different styles and brands, you can choose one that is perfect for your individual needs. These are the two main ways I stayed organized throughout 2017 and hopefully will continue to in 2018 but let me know in the comments if you would like more organizational posts!

Have a great Day!



This is what my makeup drawer currently looks like and how I organize it. I tend to keep eyeshadow  palettes in a separate placeIMG_3753.JPG

My must have planner from target


how I organize my closet

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