Cafe Astoria: Yay or Nay

Hey Everyone!

I recently went to check out the very hyped up colorful café in downtown St. Paul. The whole excitement around this particular coffee place, which separates it from the rest is that it’s drinks are works of art. There is a very well-known “secret menu” which features drinks such as the 24k latte and the campfire mocha. The campfire mocha is a mocha served with chocolate drizzle and graham cracker coating on the edge of the glass with a roasted marshmallow on a skewer balancing on the top. The 24k latte is a standard latte with a black and white pattern on the top accompanied by actual gold leafing. Now that you have a rough understanding of the café, let’s jump into the review!


I really enjoyed café Astoria as a whole. I thought it was a great space, great drinks, and awesome food. The space was very chic and classic old St. Paul, but it was very crowded and not enough seating, so I would recommend going early or take it to go. (don’t worry they still do the fun designs on to-go cups) In regards to the food, I got an egg, chevre and spinach crepe which was delicious! They also had a variety of other savory crepes, sweet crepes, oatmeals and smoothie bowls in addition to all their fabulous drinks.  I also ordered the rainbow mint mocha and so did my friend (see picture below), even though they are the same drink they are made uniquely with a variety of colors each time. My other recommendation nonrelated to the Café, park in the green or blue ramps, because there was little to no street parking when I went and on a nicer day it would have been a very manageable walk. I would not recommend walking it at -12 degrees like I did though!


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