Super Bowl LII festivities​

Hi everyone,

It’s an exciting time for Minnesota right now! The Super Bowl is happening! Because of the big game, there have been so many things to do including Zip-lining across the Mississippi river and viewing ice sculptures. There’s so much going on you don’t even need to go to the game to have a great time! I participated in some of the fun activities the Bold North Super Bowl had to offer. It was a very cold and busy night, so I was not able to look through everything but I will give a quick review on what I was able to see. The first thing I participated in was the ice sculptures, there were some in a giant LII, footballs, Heisman trophies and so much more. All the ice sculptures were great places for an Instagram post as well. Another highlight of the Nicollet Mall festivities was the old Dayton’s building, a Minneapolis retail legend,  was transformed into a football wonderland. There were places to practice your spiral, run training drills, jump into a foam pit and my personal favorite a preview of the kitten bowl! All the kittens were up for adoption and absolutely adorable! There was a ton going on in this building including a variety of food vendors also.  Another popular option was the ‘Sota Pop exhibit which featured Minnesota artists’ work as backdrops for photo shoots. Great location to get some Instagram pictures! Although all these festivities have started to wrap up. The Minnesota winter Carnival is still up and running! So be sure to go check that out!


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