Banff: A must for 2018

Hi everyone! I hope that 2018 is still going very well, and Valentine’s Day was great. Today I’m gonna talk about our family summer trip during July of 2017. We went to Banff in Alberta, Canada and I loved every part of it, and I’ll tell you why.

Banff had some of the most amazing hiking I have ever done in my life. There was a wide variety of skill levels. You could choose from very tame walks to scaling glaciers. My family chose to do some of the moderate hikes which were SO rewarding at the top! The mountains against the naturally turquoise waters was breathtaking! Banff also had a lot of wildlife I had not seen in Minnesota before, including both black and brown bears, elks and bighorn sheep. The hiking alone is an amazing reason to go to Banff, but don’t worry there are others!



Downtown Banff is a very cute town with lots of shopping, LOTS of restaurants and tons of activities every night. Another must do while in Banff is white water rafting! The combination of scenery and adventure is unforgettable. If you get a chance, I would also highly recommend going to the Banff Fairmount, which is a luxury hotel. You do not have to be staying there to explore the grounds, take in the sights and enjoy one of their multiple restaurants,  if you would like. I hope this provides helpful ideas for planning a trip to Banff! You won’t regret it!

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