5 tips that will change how you pack

While preparing for Spring Break, I think a big question on everyone’s mind is “how to most efficiently pack?”. I am going to Quebec, which means it will not be much warmer than Minnesota. Since the chilly weather means thicker clothing, I wanted to share how I have pack five days worth of clothing into a carry-on suitcase and backpack. First, I’d like to say I much prefer carry-on luggage if the trip is any less than 2 weeks. Carry-on ensures that you will not have to wait at the baggage claim and you will not have to deal with lost luggage or damaged luggage. Now that I’ve made that clear, lets’ jump right into the tips and tricks.

  1. Roll all that you can

I think rolling items that won’t wrinkle is a necessity because they creates a lot more space than you would think. Especially tee shirts, athletic clothes, swimsuits and skirts, which are all little things that can create a lot more space when rolled. I think rolling is all about personal preference though, because certain items including jeans tend to take up more space when rolled. All other items can be folded on top of the rolled apparel, or folded in the open spaces.


(These two pictures show the progression of rolling what you are able to, then folding everything else on top of it. Keep in mind, rolling items doesn’t necessarily mean they need to be in a tight ball)

  1. Fill in socks, underwear and Bras last

I think it is most efficient to fill in the leftover space at the end with the items that are able to be squished with no repercussions.

  1. Pack majority of Toiletries in Carry-on backpack

With Security, you will need to take your liquids out of your bag regardless so having them easy access is one less step you have to worry about at the airport.

4.  Pack important items in Carry-on backpack

This will ensure that if anything happens to your luggage you will still have your phone, passport, wallet and all the other essentials.

5. Pack shoes and dirty items in shower caps

I buy cheap shower caps from the dollar store and put my shoes in them because it allows you to pack shoes with all your other clothing and your clothes will not get dirty.


Hope everyone enjoys packing and has a safe and fun spring break!



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