Quebec: A European​ adventure close to home

Hi everyone!

I am back! I know it has been a little while since I last posted, but I am back and ready to post every 2 weeks again. Lately, I have been talking about travel a lot and this will be my last one in the series for a while. Over Spring Break, I went to Quebec which was an amazing experience!

I toured gorgeous churches and castles, and experienced European culture in North America. I went as part of my high school’s French Immersion trip which forced me to step out of my comfort zone but also learn a lot! If anyone is looking for a European experience closer to home I would highly recommend Quebec City because it has a large variety of things to do in all seasons for many different ages.


Some of the highlights of the trip included visiting Saint Anne’s Basilica which was one of the first churches in North America and beautifully constructed. The mosaics, paintings and stained glass around the church are a lot to take in.



Another highlight was the amazing Hotel de Glace or Ice hotel.  Quebec has a long-standing tradition of creating a hotel made of ice and snow that guests can sleep in for the winter months.  The building has a slide, cocktail bars, and furniture all made of ice and snow.  There are also ornate sculptures on most walls and ice carvings. This was one of the coolest winter themed areas I’ve ever seen because there was also a fountain, chapel and so many other things made of ice! Definitely a must-see attraction.

Parliament is another location you can’t miss! The two separate main rooms are so different yet complementary. They each have their own color scheme and art work but the same layout which makes them simple, but beautiful.

One last thing I’d recommend exploring in this beautiful city are all the local shops and restaurants. There are so many unique boutiques and historical building with European influence which are super amazing to experience.






One thought on “Quebec: A European​ adventure close to home

  1. so glad that your trip was great. Many churches have wonderful art work. The ice hotel was/is unique. did you stay there???


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